MFL Trips 2016 – Germany

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MFL Trips 2016 – Germany

Day one….
Smooth sailing down to Calais. We arrived in Dahn at 5pm and quickly got settled in. We were welcomed by the friendly hotel staff and a 3 course meal. Explored the fantastic leisure facilities and beautiful surroundings.
Some students have not managed to contact parents due to poor signal but we are all here safe and sound.

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Day 2…

All students have had a lie in until 7.30am. Early start ready for a day at OWG school in Dahn (our partner school). We were greeted by our German hosts and saw a typical German school. There is a beautiful castle in Dahn so some students walked up to enjoy the breathtaking views. They put on a lovely BBQ, sampled some Pflammkuchen and arranged some games for us and we felt very welcome. There was a friendly game of football England vs Germany. Germany won 🙁