About Painsley Catholic College

About Painsley Catholic College


At Painsley, I am blessed to have an outstanding staff, outstanding directors, outstanding support from parents and parishes and, crucially, outstanding and respectful students. I take the trust that parents put in me and the College to care, guide and educate their child

very seriously and, I assure you, that we will work selflessly and tirelessly to ensure that every child’s ambitions and God-given talents are realised.

The Gospel values underpin all that we do at Painsley and the College’s motto is ‘Know Yourself’. Therefore, we concentrate on each individual’s ability and the quality of relationships that exist within our happy College. Indeed, Christ is the foundation of the whole educational process at Painsley.

Painsley is an ordered and caring community with an emphasis on the highest standards of conduct and learning. Successful teaching, together with a varied and personalised curriculum, ensures that results are well above national and local standards.

True learning takes place in a disciplined and caring environment. For this reason our emphasis is always on good behaviour, positive attitudes and hard work.

We aim to build on the success of the past, to strengthen the values and achievements of the present, and to prepare for the developments and exciting challenges of the future.

Mr S.G. Bell BA (Hons) PGCE MA NPQH


Painsley Catholic College is situated in Cheadle Staffordshire and is one of the leading schools in the country. Painsley consistently achieves excellent grades at GCSE level and the shared VI Form continues this success.

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The Name

The name “Painsley” was chosen because it had a common link with all the parishes which cover our school community. From Painsley Hall, Draycott, one of the Draycott family houses, came a “Painsley and Draycott Mission”, which served the neighbouring areas and from which grew those parishes which are now connected with this college

Awards and College Status

Below is some information about the awards that Painsley Catholic Collge has recieved.

OFSTED Outstanding

Painsley has been on the list Of outstanding OfSTED schools for a few years now. Schools on the list provide an excellent quality of education across the full range of their work and high levels of pupil achievement.

RM Centre of Excellence

Painsley ICT Department utilizes modern technology in day-to-day life. Through its development Painsley has worked closely with Research Machines, and has built up a strong working relationship with them. This history of working together has helped Painsley gain an ‘RM Centre of Excellence’ Award.

E Safety Mark

Painsley holds the e-safety mark, which indicates outstanding provision for the electronic safeguarding of our community. It is a quality assurance mark which supports the development of comprehensive arrangements for the education and safety of students, staff and parents in our college.

IAG Kite Mark

In Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent, a local quality mark for information, advice and guidance (IAG) services has been developed by partners across the City and the County. Known as the IAG Quality Mark, the award is used to demonstrate that the holder has in place effective, collaborative delivery arrangements for IAG on curriculum choices, pathways and progression routes. It incorporates careers education, careers information, advice and guidance, student support and work related learning.

Investors in People

The Investors in People Standard give you a framework to ensure that you achieve this. It doesn’t matter what size or type of organisation you are, the Investors in People Standard is there to help you improve the way you work. You have to meet the same criteria – or ‘indicators’ – as other organisations, but the Standard recognises that you will meet them in your own way. Investors in People recognises that organisations use different means to achieve success through their people. It does not prescribe any one method but provides a framework to help you find the most suitable means for achieving success through your people.

Becta ICT Mark

The ICT Mark is an externally assessed quality mark against which organisations can measure whether they have reached a recognised standard of maturity in their use of technology.

Sport England

Sport England exists to sustain and increase participation in community sport.

This includes informal activities like aerobics and pilates; newer activities, such as skateboarding; and more traditional team sports like football and netball.

Dyslexia Friendly

Painsley has achieved the quality mark through it’s comprehensive arrangements and systems for providing the best learning tools and environment for persons in our community who have dyslexia. The mark recognises the quality of leadership and management, the quality and climate for learning, and partnership with other organisations.

Eco-School Award

The Eco-Schools programme provides a simple framework to enable your school to analyse its operations and become more sustainable.

By following the programme, your school will become a more stimulating place in which to learn, whilst reducing the environmental impact of the whole school on the community.

The scheme is rooted in a genuine desire to help children become more effective citizens by encouraging them to take responsibility for the future of their own environment. It is not about environmental excellence, it is about your school starting to look at how it impacts upon the environment and how this is decided upon and can be managed.

Pupil involvement is a key part of the Eco-Schools programme. Having pupils engaged in the whole process, including monitoring, action planning and decision-making, leads to genuine ownership of the programme and an increase in their sense of responsibility for the school environment and local area.

Healthy School

National Healthy School Status is achieved within a rigorous quality assurance framework. All schools achieving National Healthy School Status must have met national criteria using a whole school approach across the four core themes.

The purpose of the NHSP Quality Assurance framework is to:

Maximise consistency Increase participation Maintain rigour All schools undergo our Quality Assurance process.

Schools identify needs and necessary actions through an audit. Local programmes support schools as appropriate to the needs of the school. Schools self validate when they are sure the criteria is met and minimum evidence is in place, with outcomes recorded.

A sample of schools is chosen to be moderated by a local Quality Assurance Group which consists of the Local Programme Coordinators and partners from health and education.


Artsmark is a national award scheme managed by Arts Council England that recognises schools with a high level of provision in the arts. The award scheme is open to all schools in England – primary, secondary, special schools and pupil referral units, both maintained and independent.

By gaining an Artsmark, a school shows its commitment to the wider development of young people and teachers and to raising the profile of the arts in the school and local community.