Science Department Aims

The aim of the Science department is to make learning about how things work interesting and exciting and to make all students enthusiastic about learning scientific ideas, encouraging the scientists of the future. We want to develop all students’ scientific skills and in an ever developing scientific world, ensure that all our students can embrace new ideas and understanding of the world around them.

The Science department is a fantastic learning environment. It is well resourced with 7 labs, including 3 ICT labs for years 7 to 11. We also have 5 post 16 labs.

Science Staff

Mrs H Gibson – Assistant Principal

Mrs R Histead – Head of Chemistry

Mrs L Beresford – Science administrator

Miss J Keeling – Second in Science

Mrs L Johnson – Maths and Science learning support coordinator

Mrs S Jones – Science technician

Mrs E Mason – Senior Science Technician

Mrs R Potts – Science Curriculum Leader

Mrs L Rolfe

Mr A Thorley

Mrs A Maingay – Assistant Principal

Mr J Davenport – Head of Physics

Mr T Dudley

Miss P Horleston

Mrs E Gwynne

Miss V Trull

Mrs W Roslow


Science and Maths Peer Tutors

William Barron

William Wretham

Hayden Whalley

Ryan Sherratt

Thomas Bolam

Alexandra Oakley

Katie Bell

Joseph Birks

Heather Jones

Gabrielle Johnson


Science Ambassadors

Molly Ash

Aimee Salt

Rebecca Harvey

Helen Hughes

Tammika Goodwin

Mollie Wall

Olivia Rolfe

Jade Campbell

Hollie Wilson

Science News

The science department is delighted to announce superb GCSE results yet again.

In biology 60% of students achieved an A*/A grade, in Physics 56% of students achieved an A*/A grade and 44% achieved an A*/A grade in chemistry 89% of our students achieved 2 or more GCSE’s A* – C grade.