History Department Aims


To develop an interest in the past and an appreciation of human achievements and aspirations. This is done through meeting the requirements of the criteria for the National Curriculum.

To understand the value of our society and those of other selected international societies.

To develop a progressive knowledge of history as identified in the Attainment Targets.

To develop knowledge of chronology within which pupils can organise their understanding of the past.

To understand the nature of evidence by emphasising history as a process of enquiry and developing a range of skills required to interpret, analyse and evaluate a wide variety of contemporary and modern source materials

To distinguish between historical facts and interpretation of those facts, ensuring an appreciation of how people living at the time viewed certain events/developments and the views of those writing in later years.

To contribute to personal and social education by developing certain attitudes and values: for example, a respect for evidence, the toleration of a range of opinions.

To enable pupils to communicate clearly, employing a wide range of media.


History Staff

Mrs L. Brown- Head of Department

Mrs L. Stanway- Second in Department

Mrs T. Parton- History teacher

Miss L. Wrightson- History and Law teacher

Mrs J McCusker – History teacher

History News

History Club is being re-launched in the Autumn Term which is now open to all students in Years 7-9. Challenge your preconceptions, create exciting project work and maybe build your own artefacts! This term will be examining something entirely new so come along to C1 on Thursday lunchtimes to see what we are up to.


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History Curriculum Overview

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Assessment Frameworks

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Useful websites

BBC Learning Site, with access to BBC Bitesize (for GCSE):

History Learning Site:

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OCR Modern World- past papers and mark schemes

John D Clare:


Extra Curricular

This year the History Department has decided to revamp History Club with the help of the History Ambassadors. The focus this year is to make the club more interactive and creative. Every half term, the ambassadors will choose a film or a time period that they would like to study. This will often be a subject that is not on the History National Curriculum so as to broaden historical context. Students will then get to research and discover aspects of life from that time period. They will be looking towards creating board games, display posters, models and creative writing. In the first half term the theme will be Titanic.

Pupils also take part in a number of history trips including a visit to Warwick Castle and its dungeons in Year 7. This year there will also be a new trip that is being run by the department for Year 11. This is a residential trip to Berlin taking in the sights of the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate whilst also visiting Sachsenhausen and the Wannsee Conference Centre to see where the Final Solution was decided.

First half term- History Club

The theme is Titanic.