PE Department Aims

Physical Education Equal Opportunities Policy

“The physical education programme is where general and specific skills are acquired, where knowledge and understanding develop and where positive attitudes and personal and social attributes are encouraged. Physical educations most significant contribution to the education process is its focus on the body and the development of the pupils understanding and enjoyment of and competence in the physical area of learning and experience. Physical education aims to develop control, co-ordination and mastery of the body”

(Denzil Flanagan HMI staff Inspector for P.E and Dance 1988)


We as a Department believe and stand by the statement that:

“Learning and undertaking activities in physical education contribute to achievement of the curriculum aims for all young people to become:

1) Successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve

2) Confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives

3) Responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society

(QCA Documentation 2007)

The Physical Education Department at Painsley Catholic College believe that physical education makes a unique contribution to a young person’s education, as it is the only area of the curriculum, which is concerned with the development of gross motor skills, movement competence and learning through movement. The aims of the Painsley P.E. department are as follows:


1) To support the Healthy Schools programme.

2) To ensure we provide / work towards guided hours.

3) To challenge pupils through Key Stage 3 – 5 to reach their full potential on a number of levels: – physically – socially – cognitively – emotionally -morally

4) To encourage the enjoyment of physical activity through safe practice.

5) To develop skills and techniques in a range of physical activities through quality teaching, high levels of learning and continuous assessment.

6) To provide competitive opportunities for both teams and individuals and promote desirable attitudes to success and failure.

7) To offer both sporting excellence and mass participation in extra curricular activities.

8) To develop and promote the links between school PE and the wider community to enable lifelong involvement in physical activity.

9) To develop and enhance links in PE from all other curriculum subjects, especially ICT, Literacy and Numeracy

10) To promote spiritual life through the mission statement, sportsmanship, caring and respecting for others through sport.

11) To develop strong links with primary schools in conjunction with the SSCO role.

12) To provide the opportunity for all pupils to be healthy, stay safe, enjoy, achieve, contribute to the community and strive to achieve economic well-being.

13) To support the PSHE / Citizenship curriculum – supporting pastoral teams deliver and plan for events


These aims are principally achieved through the PE department and compliment their departmental aims.

Physical Education News

The department are very proud that Callum Shaw in year 11 was selected to represent the North East of England in the UK School Games last weekend in the 200m and relay a real achievement. We all hope he now continues his success next year.

A past student has also been in the news recently for his success at international level for swimming. We would like to congratulate Adam Peaty for his success at the Commonwealth Games in winning a number of gold medals and breaking the commonwealth games record. He then followed that up by more gold medals at the European championships and also breaking the world record.

The new term is an exciting one for the department with a new SOL in place the department has never been so prepared to ensure the students achieve the progress they should.

Please take a look at the extra-curricular link on this page to see the opportunities students have to participate in sport at lunch time and afterschool.

We hope this year at Painsley is as successful as the last couple of years in the curriculum and outside of the curriculum. We look forward to seeing if we can retain the Schools Football Sentinal Cup a highlight of last year.