Extra Curricular Clubs

Annual Production – Every year, we stage an annual production.  All students can audition for acting parts and choruses, with information being publicised prior to Christmas each year. In recent years we’ve enjoyed performances of Oliver!, Les Miserables and Annie.

History Club – Every Thursday – Lunchtime – 12:40 in room C7

Glorify (Painsley’s Worship Band) – Every Thursday at 3:30-4:30 in the music block (Students need to be collected by parents/guardian)

Debating Society – Every Wednesday – 12:30-1:10 in room B6 – Bring a packed lunch

Music ensembles are as follows:


Thursday 12.20-13.15 A9

Concert Band (G1 instruments only)

Tuesday 15.30-17.00 Hall

Extra Curricular Sports

Week A and B





Year 11 GCSE Intervention
PE Detention
Yr 11 Btec Intervention (GM)
Yr 9/U16 Netball practice


X-Country competitions (25th Sept, 2nd Oct,9th Oct, 16th Oct, 23rd Oct)
Boys Football Fixtures (AA/GM)
Yr 7/8/9 Hockey (RM/LW/MS) (Gum shield and shin pads needed)


Year 10 GCSE Intervention Yr 7 & 8 Netball Fixtures (LK)

Yr 8/9/10 Boys Basketball (LM)



Yr 9/U16 Netball Fixtures (RM)
Yr 7 & 8 Netball practice(LK)
Boys Football Fixtures (AA/GM)
FRIDAY PE Detention Yr 11 Btec Intervention (GM/LK)
GCSE PE Badminton (LW/AA/RM)