Leadership at Painsley

Mr Bell

Mr Bell joined Painsley in 2003 as Deputy Headteacher and was promoted to Principal in September 2010. Mr Bell has overall responsibility for the education and welfare of the 1200 students on roll as well as the leadership and management of over 100 staff at the College. Mr Bell has a very active role in the day to day life of the College and continues to be highly visible at all times. Mr Bell works very closely with the Directors to whom he is accountable.
Mr Bell is also the lead professional in The Painsley Academy of seven schools, devising plans and strategies to ensure the very best Catholic education for all children in the schools.

Mr Challinor

Mr Challinor joined Painsley in 1995 as a Mathematics / ICT teacher having worked in coal mines for several years prior to that. During his time with us he has undertaken several roles including Head of Year, Head of ICT Department, Health and Safety Officer and ICT Co-ordinator. Mr Challinor’s current role as Assistant Principal involves main responsibility for college ICT, Health and Safety, attendance and punctuality.

Mrs Maingay

During her time with us she has undertaken several responsibilities including Head of Science Department and Leader of Specialism. Mrs Maingay’s current role is the Director of Teaching School and has recently been promoted Senior Assistant Principal in 2015.

Mrs Bradbury

Having joined Painsley in 2010, Mrs Bradbury is the Business Executive Director across the seven schools within The Painsley Catholic Academy. She is responsible for support staff, strategic finance, income generation, procurement, human resources, transport, facilities management, publicity, policies, cleaning and catering. In addition to her Business Executive Director role, Mrs Bradbury is also the Company Secretary.

Mrs Waugh

Mrs Waugh joined our college in 1996 as an RE teacher. Mrs Waugh’s roles have included Head of Year, Head of RE Department, Citizenship and Pastoral Co-ordinator. Her current role as a Vice Principal involves main responsibility for pastoral care, PSHE & Citizenship co-ordination and daily detail.

Mrs Gibson

Mrs Gibson joined Painsley in 2000. She is currently Head of science and an Assistant Principal.

Mr Bullock

I started Painsley in September 2001 after completing my final placement from university in the May / June at Painsley. I gained in experience in teaching PE and Maths and became subject leader for PE in September 2007. I still currently undertake this role but was promoted to associate assistant principal in September 2013 and then to Assistant Principal in 2015.

Mrs Harris

Mrs Harris started at Painsley in January 2010 as the subject leader for RE. This year Mrs Harris became an Assistant Principal in 2015.

Mrs Wooldridge

Mrs Wooldridge joined Painsley in 1997 as a teacher of Mathematics and ICT. She later became Head of Year before being appointed as Head of Maths in 2004.

Ms Oberman

Ms Oberman joined Painsley in September 2017.  Her current role as a Assistant Principal involves main responsibility for Pupil Premium and bursary funding, Year 13 and future destinations, including UCAS, alongside line management of several departments, IAG, G&T, literacy and numeracy.