Pastoral Teams 2019/20

Year Emmaus Tutor Pastoral Lead Pastoral Lead email
Sixth Form
Year 12/13 progress tutors Mr Lilley, Miss C Hickey, Mrs A Dudley, Miss Swinson, Miss G. Boon, Mr Bradbury, Mrs Rolfe (p), Ms Atherton, Mrs Baskeyfield, Mr Pierpoint and Mrs Ketterick. Mrs Jepson (Head of sixth form)

Year 12 – Mrs Rhodes

Year 13 – Mrs E. Williams

Year 11
11LB Mrs L Brown Mr Bullock


 11AP Mr A Pate Miss Keeling
11JH Mrs J Hopkinson Mrs Gibson
11LW Mrs L Wright/Mrs J Phillips Miss Keeling
11RR Miss R Rowlands Mrs Gibson
11MK Mrs M Kavanagh Mr Bullock
11RH Mr R Harris Mrs Martin
Year 10
10JE Mr J Edwards Mr  P Allen
10KB Miss K Bradley (p)/ Miss H Bennett Mr P Allen
10CR          Mrs C Rowley/Mrs J McCusker Miss Dutton
10HG Mrs H Gillespie Miss Dutton
10GF Miss G Fish Mr F Waugh
10AB Miss A Brassington Mr F Waugh
10CJ Mrs C Jones Mrs Chell
Year 9
9MS Miss M Sowter Miss Malpass
9AA Mr A Alcock Miss Malpass
9HS Miss H Smith Mr Hendley
9VT Mrs V Trull/Mr J Davenport Mr Hendley
9JB Mr J Beardmore Mr J Allen
9LW Miss L Wrightson Mr J Allen
9DR Mrs D Roberts Mr Mayer
 9RM Miss R Moore Mr Mayer
Year 8
8AT Mrs A Taylor /Mrs J Ingram Mr Challinor
8CC Mr C Challinor/Mr M Collinge Miss L Dudley
8AR Mr A Reynolds Mr Challinor
8SM Mrs S Moseley /Mrs C Wooldridge Mrs Harris
8MP Mr M Palmer/Mr A Johnson Mrs Harris
8CG Miss C Grimley/ Mrs A Reardon-Davies Mrs S. Barlow
8KD Mr K Dudley Mrs S. Barlow
8DR Mr D Reed Ms Parsons
Year 7
7IR Miss I Remache


Mrs E Davies
7NS Miss N Smyth


Mr Horleston – Wilkes
7SB Mrs S Beshey/Mrs R Potts Mr McCusker
7MN Miss M Nicholson


Mr Horleston – Wilkes


7CM Miss C Micallef/Mrs M Wood


Mr Horleston – Wilkes




Miss M Harris/Mrs H. Chadfield Mr McCusker


Miss S Shulver/Mr J Watson Mrs E Davies
7AB Miss A Byatt


Mr McCusker