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Gifted and Talented News

Oxford University students visit Painsley.

On the 10th of July, 50 Year 10 and 11 students took part in Oxford University’s Roadshow. Students enjoyed learning about life at Oxford and speaking to four university students who shared their experience of university and studying at Oxford. They took part in many interactive and philosophical activities including dispelling myths about studying at Oxford and Cambridge. Students also learnt about the exciting opportunities on offer at Oxford and the benefits of studying at a top university.

Year 6/8 G & T STEM Day

Year 10 G & T STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) Ambassadors delivered four workshops to G & T students in Year 6 and 8. The theme of the day was “STEM In Crime” and the activities demonstrated how the following could be used to solve crimes: poisons (science), code breaking (maths), E-fits (technology) and using Excel (ICT).

Year 9 Future Scholars’ Scheme

Four Year 9 students recently attended Manchester University, as part of the governments Future Scholars’ scheme. The purpose of the day was to raise students’ aspirations towards attending a Russell Group University (one of the top 20 universities). The day involved a tour around the busy campus on Oxford Road, as well as enrichment workshops on the themes of audiology and colour.

Year 12 The Brilliant Club

15 students from Year 12 attended the launch of The Brilliant Club at Warwick University. This involved numerous talks and students were introduced to PhD students who will be working closely with them in the next few weeks. They had an introductory session on either polymers or peace and conflict. Students will then undertake 4 university style workshops and complete a 2500 work essay at undergraduate level. This will be followed by a graduation ceremony for the successful students.

Year 10 Team Maths Challenge

Four Year 10 mathematicians attended the UKMT Team Maths Challenge regional heat. Students participated in five rounds, requiring them to use problem solving and teamwork skills. The theme of the competition was working in base 6. The team did superbly, finishing as the second placed non fee paying school in Staffordshire. The team also received the honour of being invited to the regional final in Birmingham in April. Congratulations to all who took part.

The Brilliant Club

On the 24th of September 14 Year 13 students went to St Hugh’s College, Oxford University for a celebration event after taking part in ‘The Brilliant Club’. Students had worked hard to complete a 2,000 word assignment and spent the day at St Hugh’s celebrating their achievement. The Year 13 students enjoyed a tour of the college and experienced a lecture in Archaeology and Anthropology and had chance to talk and speak to the lecturer. Students also enjoyed a graduation ceremony where they were presented with certificates to celebrate their work. Several of our students achieved ‘First Class’ grades in the assignment and enjoyed spending the day learning what life is like at Oxford University.


Department aims

At Painsley Catholic College we believe that all children are entitled to an education that will enable them to develop their full potential; be that intellectual, physical, aesthetic, creative, emotional, spiritual or social, finding appropriate challenge in our learning environment. Painsley Catholic College will provide opportunities to nurture those who are more able and their abilities. The cohort will reflect the college’s distribution in terms of gender and ethnicity. G & T Policy document, click here

Gifted and Talented Reading List

While grades are clearly very important when considering university and employment, showing that you are well read is vital in presenting yourself as a well-rounded and enthusiastic about your chosen path. Below are a few to get you started and will be updated. They are mature in content but generally accessible for KS4 and 5. 50 … Ideas You Really Need to Know- Various authors. Covers a variety of topics in a nutshell from a range of subjects including economics, psychology and philosophy. Fermat’s Last Theorem- Simon Singh. A fascinating story of mathematics. Freakonomics- Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner’s. An account of economic principles in unlikely places. Sophie’s World- Jostein Gaarder. A novel about the history of philosophy through the eyes of a girl.


The Russell Group of Universities

The Russell Group represents 24 leading UK universities which are committed to maintaining the very best research, an outstanding teaching and learning experience. To find out more, follow the links below.

Making decisions about post-16 education

What to expect for the Student Experience at Russell Group Universities


Gifted and Talented Staff

Mr C Bradbury –  G & T Lead Coordinator

Gifted and Talented Curriculum Overview

Students begin to attend events at Painsley Catholic College. For instance, we run science and modern foreign language events in Year 4. In Year 6, students attend workshops on a variety of themes, including: philosophy for children (P4C) and STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths). They are introduced to Russell Group Universities. It also provides an opportunity to meet some of the older Painsley Gifted and Talented students.

Each Gifted and Talented student and a parent are invited to an evening workshop. Visits to our sixth form, Moorlands College take place. This gives students the opportunity to hear from other Gifted and Talented students in Year 12 and 13 and they are always surprised to see the amount of courses on offer. Year 8 students took part in a STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) event recently on the theme of crime. This was led by our Gifted and Talented ambassadors in Year 10.

In Year 9, selected students are invited to take part in the government funded “Future Scholars’ Scheme”. Last year this involved a visit to Manchester University for talks about university life and some inter active workshops. Twelve Year 9 and 10 students undertook “The Brilliant Club” scheme. This involved visits to Oxford and Warwick Universities as well as four tutorials led by PhD students. Year 10 students took part in a series of master classes on the theme of psychology, philosophy and Latin. Year 11 students are invited to begin study of AS Level Critical Thinking after school. Year 10 and 11 students have also taken part in Oxford University talks.

For selected students, we run “The Brilliant Club”, which involves two visits to different Russell Group Universities and four tutorials led by PhD students. We promote and provide information and guidance on Oxbridge. Recently, a representative from Oxford University gave a talk to Year 12 students. Students who apply to Oxford are given a mock interview as part of the application process. Those who elected to undertake extra-curricular AS Level Critical Thinking complete the course in Year 12.

We strive to ensure that all students are sufficiently challenged. All teaching staff are made aware of which subjects students are identified as being Gifted and/or Talented in. Within each department, schemes of work identify opportunities for extension and enrichment. Below is an outline of just some of the activities undertaken at Painsley Catholic College. For further information, please contact the Gifted and Talented Lead Teacher.

There are numerous extra-curricular clubs which are suited to Gifted and Talented individuals. For instance, we have: chess, sport, music, textiles and history. In fact, there are currently over 100 clubs for students to enjoy. Please see Painsley’s homepage and the school notice board for more information on these.