Geography (Y7-13)

(GCSE exam board: AQA)

Geography Department Aims

Geography is a popular subject in the school and many students opt to continue their studies from Key Stage 3 into Key Stage 4 and then into the Painsley Sixth Form

The subject seeks to examine in an informative and enquiry based way the major issues facing our planet in the 21st century – and incorporates a number of visits throughout all year groups to bring the wonder of the subject into the lives of students beyond the classroom.

We have a dedicated and well equipped classroom in the school (C5) and access to a computer room (C3) for internet/ web based research assignments

Geography Staff

J Edwards Head of Department,
A J Allen,
V Allen work related learning, enterprise, careers and work experience co-ordinator
R Rowlands

Geography News

The geography department teaches an exciting Key Stage 3 course. This term we will focus on urban areas in Year 7 and coasts in Year 8 – both topics will involve lessons being delivered through an exciting mix of role play, group work, creative work as well as individual assignments – and will be assessed in the first assessment cycle before half term!

In addition Year 8 will be visiting North Wales to study sand dunes and coastal defences. Visits and local fieldwork will form an integral part of the new course – bringing geography in lessons to life through actual first hand experienced examples wherever and whenever possible.

This half-term we have been out and about again. The Y11 geography groups visited the PDNP to undertake data collection along a stretch of the River Dane for their Paper 3 GCSE preparation whilst all of Year 8 have visited the coast of North Wales to study Sand Dunes and Coastal defences, supporting the topic of coasts we have been studying in class.

Geography Curriculum Overview

How can I help support my child’s learning in Geography?

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Useful websites

National Geographic

U.S. Geographical Survey 



CIA world fact book

BBC- Geography

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Reading list


  • Lonely Planet Magazine
  • National Geographic


  • Michael Palin
  • Lev Wood
  • Bear Grylls