Geography (Y7-13)

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Geography Department Aims

The geography department teaches a challenging and interactive Key Stage 3 -5 course. This term we will focus on urban areas in Year 7 and coasts in Year 8 – both topics will involve lessons being delivered through an exciting mix of role play, group work, creative work as well as individual assignments.

Visits and local fieldwork form an integral part of all Key Stage courses – bringing geography in lessons to life through actual first hand experienced examples wherever and whenever possible.

This half-term we will be out and about again. The Y11 geography groups will visited the PDNP to undertake data collection along a stretch of the River Dane for their Paper 3 GCSE preparation, and will also visit Salford Quays in Manchester to look at Urban Regeneration as their human geography focused day.  All of Year 8 will visit the coast of North Wales to study Sand Dunes and Coastal defences, supporting the topic of coasts we have been studying in class.

As we look ahead, we have launched the expedition to Iceland for all Y11 and Y12 students – March 17th-21st 2020 – we can’t wait as we return to the land of ‘Fire and Ice’ for what we are sure will prove to be a ‘trip of a lifetime’ opportunity to look at nature’s awe and wonder in its full majesty on this spectacular volcanic island. Hopefully we will get to see the Northern Lights too this time.

We have also asked Year 10 to be considering the Cornwall residential at the end of the academic year – a great opportunity to experience all that Cornwall has to offer at a fabulous time of year – the last week before we break up in July. Further information to follow….

Mr J Edwards

Head of Geography

Geography Staff

J Edwards Head of Department,
A J Allen,
V Allen work related learning, enterprise, careers and work experience co-ordinator
R Rowlands

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