PSHE and Citizenship

Assessment Framework – PSHE and Citizenship

“To be successful independent learners, children and young people need regular opportunities to reflect on and identify what they have learned, what needs to be learned next and what they need to do to continue their learning. Teachers also need to be clear about the progress and achievements of the pupils they teach, and how their learning might be improved.”

PSHE Association (

Students will be assessed on their current knowledge prior to completing work on a topic. They will then assess what they have learnt now from a topic. This may involve completing a mind map task to self-assess their own knowledge of a topic. Other tasks may involve peer assessment or verbal feedback if part of a class debate.

These assessments will be clear in the PSHE and Citizenship exercise book. The assessments will be used by Emmaus tutors to provide each student with a grade and will be utilised by the PSHE and Citizenship coordinators to inform planning for future sessions. Further to this, PSHE and Citizenship will follow the whole school assessment policy, with live marking forming an integral part of every session. Emmaus tutors will provide students with verbal feedback on ideas and work produced to enable them to fully develop all skills and knowledge.