Psychology (Y12-13)


Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behaviour. At Painsley, the psychology department aims to help you understand yourself by learning about various psychological topics such as social psychology, memory and contemporary issues.

You will gain a better understanding of scientific methods of investigation, essay writing and critical thinking.

You will learn how psychologists carry out experiments so that their work is reliable and valid. Psychology will undoubtedly help you with other science subjects, like biology, criminology and sociology.

In the second year of A level study we study forensics psychology, child cognitive development and schizophrenia.

The psychology department at Painsley aims to increase your employability for a wide range of careers from health care, teaching, armed forces to marketing and human resources. We aim to also support you if you wish towards being a professional psychologist e.g. clinical occupational, forensic or sports and exercise psychologist. As an A level, the skills learnt in psychology will prepare you for university education whether this is for psychology or another subject.

The department has an excellent record of accomplishment for results at full A level:

2018 A*-B =  60%

2017- A*- B = 58%

2016 A* -B = 60.58%

2015 A*- B =58.84%

We currently study the AQA specification for psychology.

Staff Head of Department Lisa Dudley

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