Easter Activities

Easter Activities

Surviving lockdown

Harry Potter at Home

Musicals & Plays to download

30 daily challenges

Tour the Vatican museums

Write history!











In addition to this fantastic resource from BCYS the Chaplaincy at Kenelm has also shared this great resource they have found called “Lent in Isolation”

Each day there will be:

•The Daily Readings
• A homily from a priest
• An act of Spiritual communion


Stoke City ‘Keepy Uppy’ Challenge

Stoke City have just tweeted a video of their under 15’s doing a keepy uppy challenge!

There are a whole host of great activities on this PowerPoint.

How about taking part in a language challenge?

Spanish Challenge

German Challenge


Or trying some puzzles?

Hard Puzzles or Easy Puzzles


Lent Practices and the Parable of the Talents – how can you use your talents?

Our Y7 students are already looking at how they can use their talents.  Is this something you could do too?

You might take part in the following:

Taking shopping to an elderly relative or family friend.

Doing extra jobs around the house.

Doing a sponsored event to raise money for a charity (Mary’s Meals)

Something positive that can make a difference to the lives of others in this difficult period.