Outstanding Academic Achievements for Painsley Catholic College

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Painsley Catholic College is celebrating a set of truly outstanding GCSE results with 92% of the Year 11 students at the non-selective academy achieving the new standard pass (grade 4) in English and 88% of the candidates achieving grade 4 or above in maths. Furthermore, the College is delighted with the fact that over one third of the students achieved a grade 7 or above in English and maths (a grade 7 is the equivalent of the old grade A). Performance was strong in the other subject areas including history in which 11% of entries were graded at grade 9 (this is higher than the old A* standard) and 47% of entries were at a grade 7 or above. Music achieved an amazing 78% at grade 7 or above. This is despite the GCSE examinations becoming more demanding.

The results place Painsley, once again, as one of the highest achieving schools in the whole of the country.  Mr Stephen Bell, Principal at the College, said, “I am delighted to report these wonderful results.  Like all Principals, I was anxious about the changes that have been made by the government with the new, more demanding GCSEs placing additional expectations on individuals.  However, the students and staff have shown their determination to achieve the highest possible grades.  I am very proud of the responsible attitude that the students adopt towards their studies and am full of praise for the staff who motivate them to achieve their potential.  The results secure the College’s reputation as a centre of excellence where children are happy and successful in a caring, studious and disciplined environment.  To achieve these results in evermore rigorous GCSE examinations is testimony to the efforts of the students, staff, parents and directors.”

Parents interested in sending their child to Painsley should be aware that parents will have the opportunity to visit the College on Wednesday September 19th at 7.00pm for a tour of the facilities on offer and a talk from the Principal and senior staff.

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