Welcome from the Principal

I am privileged and honoured to welcome you to Painsley Catholic College.  At Painsley we live the mission statement of our school: ‘In our College we value and respect every person as a child of God, as we grow together in faith, knowledge, understanding and love to serve the community.’  Our mission is summarised in the motto ‘Know Yourself’.  As part of this process, we guide and encourage all students to achieve academic excellence and ensure their God-given gifts and talents flourish through a rich tapestry of extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities.

Painsley Catholic College is first and foremost a Catholic school and our vocation is to guide all those entrusted to us to a life rooted in the Gospel values and to recognise all as children of God, made in his image and likeness.  Education is a unique opportunity to create beauty and truth in all those we encounter and a foundation to enable our students to work in the world and prepare for their future vocations.

Mrs R A Waugh, BA (Hons), PGCE

The Painsley Catholic Academy

Painsley MAC North

The Golden Thread
Teaching School Hub

Working with and investing in the teaching community and non-teaching profession to provide brilliant opportunities for teacher professional development throughout the golden thread life chances and social mobility for children.

Painsley Launch Wellbeing Initiative Painsley apply for the Wellbeing Award for Schools

School Prayer

Dear Lord, We thank you for the gift of today and for all that you have prepared for us. Help us to ‘Know Ourselves’ so that we can truly serve you. Let our hands be the hands of Jesus by helping those we meet; let our words be the words of Jesus by speaking with truth and justice; let our hearts be like the heart of Jesus always willing to forgive and find mercy. We pray that today we can fulfil the potential you gave us and we trust that you will walk by our sides as we grow in faith, knowledge and understanding. Amen