Heads of Department

Dr T Shave Subject Leader for Maths
Mr J Edwards Subject Leader for Geography
Mr J Watson Subject Leader for Technology
Mrs S Walklate Subject Leader for MFL
Mrs L Brown Subject Leader for History
Mr R Pierpoint Subject Leader for English
Mrs M Kavanagh Subject Leader for Art
Mrs A Comfort Special Educational Needs Coordinator
Miss H Bennett Subject Leader for
Mrs L Wright Subject Leader for PE
Mr A Reynolds Subject Leader for Computing
Mrs R PottsSubject Leader for
Mrs R HisteadSubject Leader for
Mr R GradwellSubject Leader for
Mrs E WilliamsSubject leader of Business &
Mrs M Sowter-AllenSubject leader of
Miss C HickeySubject leader of
Mrs S BarlowSubject leader of
Ms L DudleySubject leader of
Ms A DudleySubject leader of Health and Social
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