Teaching Staff

Name Last Name E-Mail Address Department
Mr Alcock PE
Mr Allen Geography
Mr Allen Maths
Mrs Allen Geography
Ms Atherton Sociology
Mrs Barlow RE
Mr Beardmore RE
Miss Beshay Science
Miss Boon English
Mr Bradbury Business Studies
Miss Bradley Science
Miss Brassington MFL
Mrs Brown History
Mr Bullock Leadership
Miss Byatt History
Mrs Chadfield MFL
Mr C Challinor ICT and Computing
Mr Collinge MFL
Mrs Comfort English
Mr Davenport Science
Mrs E Davies Technology
Mrs Davies SEN
Mrs Deaville RE
Mrs Deighton Technology
Mrs Dubois Maths
Miss Dudley H&SC
Mr K Dudley Science
Miss L Dudley Teaching Staff
Miss Dutton English
Mr Edwards Geography
Miss Fish English
Mrs Gibson Leadership
Miss Grimley PE
Mrs Harris Leadership
Miss Harris RE
Mr Harris Maths
Mrs Hateley Music
Mr Hendley English
Miss Hickey Drama
Mrs Histead Science
Mrs Hopkinson English
Mr Horleston-Wilkes Science
Mrs Ingram Maths
Mrs Jepson Leadership
Mr Johnson Maths
Miss Jones Science
Miss Keeling Science
Mrs Kettrick PE
Mr Lilley Technology
Miss Malpass RE
Mrs Martin MFL
Mr Mayer PE
Mr McCusker RE
Miss Micallef Science
Mss Moore PE
Mrs Moseley English
Mr Moss Music
Miss Nicholson History
Ms Oberman Leadership
Mr Palmer ICT and Computing
Ms Parsons English
Mrs Parton History
Mr Pate Maths
Mrs Phillips Maths
Mr Pierpoint English
Mrs Potts Science
Mrs Reardon-Davies Music
Mr Reed English
Miss Remache MFL
Mr Reynolds ICT and Computing
Mrs Rhodes Science
Mrs Roberts Maths
Mrs Rolfe Science
Miss Rowlands Geography
Mrs Rowley Technology
Miss Shulver Computing
Miss Smyth Business Studies
Miss Sowter RE
Miss Swinson Science
Mrs Taylor MFL
Mrs Trull Science
Mr Watson Technology
Mr Waugh Leadership
Mrs White Maths
Mrs Williams Teaching Staff
Mrs Wood Cover Supervisor
Mrs Wooldridge Leadership
Mrs Wright PE
Miss Wrightson History


Pastoral Leads

Year Emmaus Tutor Pastoral Lead Pastoral Lead email
Sixth Form
Year 12/13 progress tutors Mr Lilley, Miss C Hickey, Mrs A Dudley, Miss Swinson, Miss G. Boon, Mr Bradbury, Mrs Rolfe (p), Ms Atherton, Mrs Baskeyfield, Mr Pierpoint and Mrs Ketterick. Mrs Jepson (Head of sixth form)

Year 12 – Mrs Rhodes

Year 13 – Mrs E. Williams

Year 11
11LB Mrs L Brown Mr Bullock


 11AP Mr A Pate Miss Keeling
11JH Mrs J Hopkinson Mrs Gibson
11LW Mrs L Wright/Mrs J Phillips Miss Keeling
11RR Miss R Rowlands Mrs Gibson
11MK Mrs M Kavanagh Mr Bullock
11RH Mr R Harris Mrs Martin
Year 10
10JE Mr J Edwards Mr  P Allen
10KB Miss K Bradley (p)/ Miss H Bennett Mr P Allen
10CR          Mrs C Rowley/Mrs J McCusker Miss Dutton
10HG Mrs H Gillespie Miss Dutton
10GF Miss G Fish Mr F Waugh
10AB Miss A Brassington Mr F Waugh
10CJ Mrs C Jones Mrs Chell
Year 9
9MS Miss M Sowter Miss Malpass
9AA Mr A Alcock Miss Malpass
9HS Miss H Smith Mr Hendley
9VT Mrs V Trull/Mr J Davenport Mr Hendley
9JB Mr J Beardmore Mr J Allen
9LW Miss L Wrightson Mr J Allen
9DR Mrs D Roberts Mr Mayer
 9RM Miss R Moore Mr Mayer
Year 8
8AT Mrs A Taylor /Mrs J Ingram Mr Challinor
8CC Mr C Challinor/Mr M Collinge Miss L Dudley
8AR Mr A Reynolds Mr Challinor
8SM Mrs S Moseley /Mrs C Wooldridge Mrs Harris
8MP Mr M Palmer/Mr A Johnson Mrs Harris
8CG Miss C Grimley/ Mrs A Reardon-Davies Mrs S. Barlow
8KD Mr K Dudley Mrs S. Barlow
8DR Mr D Reed Ms Parsons
Year 7
7IR Miss I Remache


Mrs E Davies
7NS Miss N Smyth


Mr Horleston – Wilkes
7SB Mrs S Beshey/Mrs R Potts Mr McCusker
7MN Miss M Nicholson


Mr Horleston – Wilkes


7CM Miss C Micallef/Mrs M Wood


Mr Horleston – Wilkes




Miss M Harris/Mrs H. Chadfield Mr McCusker


Miss S Shulver/Mr J Watson Mrs E Davies
7AB Miss A Byatt


Mr McCusker


Pastoral Teams 2019/20