Subject aims

A level Economics is a challenging and dynamic subject which fully engages its learners in trying to understand and solve the economic problems facing society today. In a typical lesson learners may be acting as the chancellor making public spending decisions or as an entrepreneur identifying ways to stimulate economic growth.

As an Economics student you will develop an enquiring, critical and thoughtful mind and learn how to problem solve and evaluate solutions. Economics is aimed at learners with an academic profile who want to impress university admissions officers and employers with a good grade in one of the most highly regarded subjects.


Curriculum overview for each year group

The Economic Problem
Demand and Supply
Allocation of Resources
Production and Efficiency
Market Failure
Measuring Macroeconomic Performance
The Circular Flow of income
Macroeconomic Policies
The Firms Objectives, Costs and Revenues
Competitive Markets
Concentrated Markets
The Labour Market
Managing the National Economy
The International Economy

Subject staff

Mrs Williams and Mrs Jepson

Useful links



Trip to the Houses of Parliament


Learning Journey

Economics Learning Journey

Curriculum Statement


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