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Subject Aims

The R.E. department seeks to promote the spiritual and moral development of all through learning about and learning from religion. Religious Education is taught from a Catholic perspective and other world religions, namely Judaism, Hinduism, and Islam are also studied.

R.E. is an essential part of life at Painsley. It is at the heart of the school curriculum. It seeks to develop students as religiously literate young people and equips them with the skills necessary to engage in religious and moral debate. R.E. helps to support students on their faith journey, providing knowledge and understanding for spiritual reflection.

Curriculum Overview


YearAutumn 1 Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
71. Chapter 1 – Created and chosen (1.1-1.10)
2.Ethical option
3.Lived religion option
4.Chapter 2 – Prophecy and promise (2.1-2.10)
1. Artistic expression
2. Lived religion option
1. Chapter 3 – Galilee to Jerusalem (3.1-3.9)
2. Ethical opinion
3. Artistic expression option
1. Chapter 4 – Desert to Garden (4.1-4.11)
2. Ethical option
3. Lived religion option

1. Chapter 5 – To the ends of the earth (5.1-5.10)

2. Artistic expression option
3. Lived religion option

1. Dialogue and encounter (6.1-6.4)
2. Islam
81. Creation/Why are we here?
2. Covenant
1.Infancy Narratives1. Prophecy
2. Healing/ Are there limits to forgiveness?
1. Death/Eschatology
2. Why do we celebrate? Holy Week and Easter
1. Prayer and Pilgrimage
2. Judaism
1.The Church
2. Ethics/Suffering and Evil
9 EDUQASCore Christian beliefs
Judaism Beliefs and Teachings
Judaism PracticesOrigins and meaningsOrigins and meaningsOrigins and meaningsOrigins and meanings
10 EDUQASGood and evilGood and evilLife after deathLife after deathLife after deathLife after death
11 AQAEschatologyEschatologyTheme ARevisionRevision


Mrs C. Rooney (Vice Principal)

Mrs M. Sowter-Allen (Head of RE)

Mrs S. Crawford – Key Stage 5 Co-ordinator

Mr. R. McCusker – Y7 Pastoral Lead / Leadership Development Coordinator

Mrs S Barlow

Mr J. Beardmore

Mrs C. Deaville

Dr S. Hatfield




Year 7: “I am special…I am unique” Retreat day in school and St Giles Church. Alton Castle – RE and PE trip Summer Camp.

Year 8: “With God, with our neighbour and with the earth itself”. Retreat day in school

Year 9: Vocations day retreat day in school.

Year 10: Soli – House retreat days and Lourdes pilgrimage

Year 11: “Know Yourself and acknowledge each other” In-house retreat morning and mass at St Giles

Year 12/13: Lourdes pilgrimage and ‘Headstrong’ Soli-led retreat afternoon


Learning Journey

RE Learning Journey

Curriculum Statement


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