Lourdes Birmingham Pilgrimage Hoodies

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On Monday 20th May Mr Paul Ball Managing Director of PAU came into college to present the Lourdes hoodies to 15 of our students who are going on the Lourdes Birmingham Pilgrimage during May half term. We are extremely grateful to Mr Ball and his company for sponsoring the hoodies, the students have been working really hard with fundraising activities over the past 12 months and this contribution  has helped immensely with the costing of the trip

Here is some information about the work PAU does:

PAU is about bringing people together through the things they love, and an appreciation of the great outdoors.

PAU Run & Ride offers top-quality gear for runners and riders from the best brands such as Pinarello, MiRiDER, Cannondale, Ron Hill, Hoka, Saucony, and many more. Their expert team of runners and cyclists are always available to provide the best advice and support as well as offering bike servicing, fittings, and free gait analysis for runners.

Beyond providing the best kit, PAU promotes accessibility in cycling through Project PAU, a free cycling academy for riders aged 13-18. The program helps young enthusiasts find their passion and improve their skills with free weekly webinars every Monday.

Find out more and get your kids signed up here: https://www.pau.co.uk/blog/project-pau/

About us: https://www.pau.co.uk/blog/our-story/

Project PAU: https://www.pau.co.uk/blog/project-pau/


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