Painsley Catholic College gains World Class School Quality Mark!

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On 10th November 2017, The Morley Academy in Leeds, an accredited World Class school, hosted the 2017 World Class School Quality Mark Assessment Centre. It was the final assessment stage for the 2017 cohort of schools applying to achieve World Class Schools Quality Mark accreditation.

The award’s uniqueness lies in the fact that the students are assessed with regard to whether they are World Class or not, rather than the school itself. The premise is that, if the school is truly World Class, then its students should be able to demonstrate this in whatever context they find themselves.
Students are assessed against a skills and competency framework unique to World Class, because it measures young people’s readiness for the world of work and life in 21st century society.

Only 16 OFSTED Outstanding schools from across England had successfully reached this final stage in the challenging assessment process, in which three students from each school worked as part of a larger team of 48, to complete the assessment projects. This year the students were given the challenge of working together to create design concepts for The Morley Academy’s planned remodelling of their ‘Old Building’ scheduled for 2019. They were required to carry out pre-event planning, extensive research, interviews with stakeholders and the development of a brochure, video and a final presentation to a panel of experts, including Project Manager David Yeadon, and Alex Green, energy efficiency consultant from LESS CO2.

Applicant schools had the difficult challenge of identifying the three students they felt would best demonstrate their World Class skills.  Three students from Painsley’s Sixth Form represented the school.  These were WCSQM team leader Matthew Wilson with James Wilson and Alexandra Oakley.

The Assessment Centre was the fourth stage of the rigorous application process schools follow in order to gain the coveted title of World Class. Initially, the school is recommended by another World Class school or leading educational organisation, and the school’s Key Stage 4 data is assessed to test that pupils at the school make World Class progress. At the third stage the World Class students carry out an audit to identify what it is about their school that has made them World Class. The audit involves the creation of a video, ‘A Week in the life of Painsley Catholic College’, demonstrating how the school is World Class on a day to day basis.

2017 is the fourth year of World Class Schools accreditation, and the biggest cohort of schools to apply to date. Of the 20 schools nominated for World Class accreditation this year, only 16 made it to this final stage, and we are delighted to be one of these schools.

“These are absolutely exceptional students. I was incredibly impressed by how well they worked together as a team, and the insightful questions they asked.”

Jenny Makin, The Morley Academy Artist in Residence.

The calibre of the students this year was extra-ordinary. Their skills of collaboration, diplomacy, resilience and tenacity were second to none; these are incredible young people, to

whom I would trust our future.”

Miranda Perry, Director of WCSQM.

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