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In what has been another challenging year for students and staff, Painsley Catholic College is very pleased to report that students at its Sixth Form students have been awarded grades that will allow them to proceed to their next pathway.

“We are proud and delighted that the teaching staff worked with such commitment and professionalism to ‘live’ teach all of our students during lockdown and periods of self-isolation and subsequently went on to grade students in a thorough and moderated process. Our rigorous and robust assessment programme was supported by additional opportunities for students to demonstrate what they know, understand and can do. Indeed, this was coupled with a thorough moderation and standardisation procedure both internally and externally to ensure that students at Painsley Sixth Form have received results that they have truly earned and deserve.” Commented Mrs Rachel Waugh, Principal.

Mrs Waugh continued, “It is difficult to pick out individual departmental success as all departments have excelled in supporting the students to achieve their potential throughout their 2, or indeed 7, years of study at Painsley Catholic College and, subsequently, at Painsley Sixth Form. However, exceptional performance can be identified in Biology, Computing, Drama, Economics, Technology, Geography and English Literature to name but a few. BTEC results were once again very high with exceptional performances in Health and Social care, ICT and Business.”

Some of Painsley’s top performances include:

Holly ArthurBiology A, Chemistry A, Further Maths A, Maths A*, Extended Project A*University of Bath – Maths
Thomas BellEconomics A*, English Literature A*, Geography A*, Extended Project A*University of Birmingham – Economics
Cameron GriffithsDrama A*, English Literature A*, Psychology A*, Extended Project A*University of Leeds – Theatre and Performance
Joseph GilliganEnglish Language A*, Geography A, Sociology A*, Extended Project A*Nottingham Trent University – Criminology
Samuel HartmanChemistry A, English Literature A*, Geography A*, Extended Project A*Durham University – English Literature
Oliver ParnhamBiology A, Economics A*, Geography A*, Extended Project A*University of Birmingham – Environmental Science
Evie MartinPsychology A*, Biology A*, Chemistry A*, Extended Project A*Keele University – Medicine
Charlotte TownsendBiology A*, Chemistry A*, Maths A*, Further Maths A*, Extended Project A*Edinburgh –veterinary Surgery


Mrs Rachel Waugh, Principal, stated: “We are proud of all of our students and their maturity, ambition and commitment in these difficult times and would like to congratulate each and every one of them on their achievements. I thank all the staff, teaching and non-teaching, for their dedication in order to provide an exceptional learning experience for the students. I thank the parents who have supported the Sixth Form in such a dedicated way and I wish the students the very best of luck in the next phase of their journey whether that be to university or into the world of work and I encourage them to keep in touch as part of the Painsley alumni.”

Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Sharon Jepson said: “I am extremely proud of the excellent results achieved by our Sixth Form learners and would like to thank every one of them for their positive approach and resilience. They faced weeks of exam style assessments and completed them all willingly and with great determination. Well done to all! ”

Painsley Sixth Form is also looking forward to September. Students joining us in September have been engaged with a thorough transition programme including ‘live’ lessons and transitional study aimed at bridging the gap from shortened GCSE studies to their chosen KS5 curriculum. We continue our exciting Digital T Level as one of the first centres nationally to be able to offer the new Digital T Level with a fully operational and state of the art digital hub. We look forward to offering further T Levels in September 2022 including Science and Digital Business. Painsley Sixth Form is also the home to The Golden Thread Teaching School Hub, as one of only 86 teaching school hubs nationally we are able to ensure best practice in relation to teacher recruitment, training and professional development. Students interested in being part of the exciting development of Painsley Sixth Form are welcome to sign up for the virtual Painsley Sixth Form Open Evening on Wednesday 29th September at 6:30pm. Anyone interested in attending this event should register via the school website

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