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Painsley Catholic College has full uniform to the end of Year 11.  We believe that a smart and distinctive uniform worn neatly and tidily, helps to instill a pride and a sense of loyalty to the College.  In the long run it is both practical and economical.  All items of uniform except the College badge, tie and girls’ red candy-striped blouse may be obtained at most department stores.  The full range of uniform may be obtained from Sportsland/Trutex (Meir), Sportsland/Trutex (Stone), the National Schoolwear Centre (Hanley), and Something Special (Cheadle).

All uniform, bags and PE kit must be clearly identified with your child’s name.

The College uniform consists of:-


White Shirt
Clip-On Tie (red and silver grey stripe on navy blue)
Black Blazer including College Badge
Dark grey Trousers (not jeans, corduroy, canvas or fashion trousers)
Black Shoes (not trainer style)
Grey/Black Socks (not white)
Optional – Grey long sleeve pullover, V-neck (not cardigan)

+ PE Kit


All Years – White Blouse with collar (Short or Long sleeve)

Years 7-9 – Red and White College Striped Blouse (optional).

Clip-On Tie (red and silver grey strip on navy blue)
Black Blazer including College Badge
Dark Grey terylene Skirt, Contemporary Trutex or Salisbury style skirt – KNEE length– no shorter than 20” with the logo embroidered below the waistband (Jersey type skirts are not acceptable) or Banner signature classic steel grey
Black Shoes – no heels or sling-backs
Black ankle socks, black/natural tights

Optional – Grey long sleeve pullover, V-neck (not cardigan)

+ PE Kit

We insist on the same high standard in PE Kit as we do for College uniform.

Boys                                                           Girls

Navy & Red Painsley T-shirt                                         Navy & Red Painsley T-shirt
PE shorts, navy (plain, no stripes)+                               Navy games skort
Red football socks                                                         Red football socks
Plain training shoes* (no pumps)                                  Plain training shoes* (no pumps)
Football boots                                                                Football boots
Shin Pads                                                                       Shin Pads
Gum Shield                                                                   Gum Shield
Navy PainsleyTracksuit (optional)                                Navy PainsleyTracksuit (optional)


Boys and Girls – Gum Shields (College has basic ones in stock)

Boys and Girls Optional – Jackets (fleece reversible and waterproof).  These must have student initials embroidered on them.

Navy Blue/Grey Leotard & Tights (Optional)**

* Not expensive fashion trainers or boots.

+ These items must carry the College badge and are available through our suppliers.

All items of uniform should be recognised as UNIFORM items and not FASHION ITEMS. For example, designer shirts and the like are not acceptable. Girls’ skirts must be no shorter than about 1 inch above the knee.

Parents are asked to ensure that their children wear suitable black shoes to College. (It is important that the soles of these shoes are such as will not damage wooden floors). Trainers are not suitable for ordinary college wear. Platform shoes and shoes with a high heel are not allowed because not only are they inconsistent with our uniform requirements but they are also dangerous from a health and safety point of view.

No hair-styles which are considered unsuitable by the Principal may be worn at College. Boys’ hair must be of moderate length (minimum grade 3 cut) and any girl with long hair must wear it tied back. Gel worn on hair is not allowed. Fashion haircuts, such as steps, lines and shaved styles are not allowed. Under no circumstances must a student dye, colour, streak or highlight his/her hair.

No jewellery should be worn except a wrist watch.

Although no outer wear is stipulated in the uniform requirements, parents are asked to provide anoraks, overcoats, cagoules or similar waterproof clothing to be worn over blazers. Road safety experts advise that children walking to College when it is dark should wear a light coloured coat, preferably with fluorescent strips. Leather, denim, camouflage or service-type jackets are not suitable for College. Logos/motifs etc. on coats are forbidden. They would make a nonsense of the wearing of College uniform. We should be grateful if this is borne in mind when buying outer garments for the winter.

In order to maintain a high standard of appearance, no modification of uniform is acceptable.



By joining Painsley Sixth Form you have agreed to the following dress code statement:
The dress code for the Sixth Form is one of a ‘modern workplace’.  We understand and respect that students wish to retain their individualism and to have greater freedom compared to their time at Sixth Form.  We also believe that a serious place of learning should look and feel professional at all times.  A ‘modern workplace’ dress code means precisely that: clothing which should be considered appropriate in a modern office environment.

Dress for females:
• A smart suit for a business environment, with matching skirt or trousers and jacket or,  business suit dress and matching jacket
• Skirts/dresses of an appropriate length to the knee (no midi or tube skirts/dresses) with appropriate tights and blazered jacket
• No shorts, no cropped trousers or leggings
• A buttoned, plain or patterned blouse, with no logos. Neither T-shirts nor vest tops. Shirts must NOT be low-cut/cropped and must cover the midriff
• A smart jumper with no logos. No hoodies or sweatshirts
• Footwear:  dark shoes with a low or medium heel, this means proper business style, smart shoes. No trainers nor casual shoes nor flip-flops nor boots

Dress for males:
• A smart matching trouser business suit for a business environment
• A smart plain or patterned shirt, with no logos. No T-shirts nor vest tops
• Shirts must be tucked in and the top button done up
• A tie of student’s choice, with no logos
• A smart V-neck jumper with no logos
• No hoodies, sweatshirts
• Footwear: plain dark shoes. No trainers nor casual shoes nor flip-flops nor boots

Jewellery, hair and make-up
• Jewellery, piercings and make-up are permitted, but should not be excessive. No excessive hair styles or colouring.   Tattoos should be covered.

Outside coats and scarves
• No denim jackets

Please remember students within the Sixth Form are a role model for the rest of the Painsley community and are ambassadors for the Sixth Form within the wider community.

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