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Advance Information’ has now been released by the exam boards ahead of the Summer 2022 GCSE & A-level exams. It will provide information about the focus of some of the content that will be included in the summer exam papers, to help students manage their exam preparation.

Following DfE decisions, advance information is not available for GCSE English Literature, GCSE History and GCSE Geography for the summer 2022 series. However, there is greater optionality within these subjects.

Please click on the Awarding body links below to access the relevant exam board information. You will also find a list of exam boards by subject for Year 11 and Year 13 students on the documents below:

Year 11 subjects 2022

Year 13 subjects 2022

Ofqual letter to students 8-2-22

AQA: AQA | 2022 exam changes

OCR: 2022 advance information (

Pearson: Summer 2022 support | Pearson qualifications

Eduqas: Advance Information (

Timetable of written exams – GCSE

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Summer 2022 6th Form timetable


TypeDocumentsDate Modified

6th Form Exam Services Fees 2021 2211:28 am 09/24/2021

DD2489 JCQ Social Media Information for Candidates11:28 am 09/24/2021

IFC Coursework Assessments 2021 V411:28 am 09/24/2021

IFC NE Assessments 2021 V411:28 am 09/24/2021

IFC On Screen Examinations 2021 V311:28 am 09/24/2021

IFC Written Examinations 2021 V511:28 am 09/24/2021

Information for Candidates Privacy Notice 19-20 V311:28 am 09/24/2021

Ofqual Letter to Students 8-2-222:12 pm 02/08/2022

Unauthorised Items Poster 202111:28 am 09/24/2021

Warning to Candidates 2012211:28 am 09/24/2021