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Project Description

Subject Aims

The geography department teaches a challenging and interactive Key Stage 3 -5 course. This term we will focus on glaciation, climate change and resources and the environment  in Year 7 and volcanic and earthquake hazards in Year 8 – both topics will involve lessons being delivered through an exciting mix of role play, group work, creative work as well as individual assignments.

Due to the current closure of the college to all but students of essential workers etc. we are delivering our curriculum via on-line platforms. Year 12 are attending lessons on Google Meets. 

Curriculum overview

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Y12 – 10 lessons per fortnight
Y13 – 10 lessons per fortnight


Subject Staff

J Edwards Head of Department,
A J Allen,
V Allen work related learning, enterprise, careers and work experience co-ordinator
R Rowlands
L. Wrightson
A Byatt
M Nicholson

Useful websites

National Geographic

U.S. Geographical Survey 



CIA world fact book

BBC- Geography


Reading list


  • Lonely Planet Magazine
  • National Geographic


  • Michael Palin
  • Lev Wood
  • Bear Grylls