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Project Description
Exam Board: AQA
About The Subject: Psychology is the science of the mind. The human mind is the most complex machine on Earth.  It is the source of all thought and behaviour.  How do we study the mind? How do we study behaviour?
Course Content: Compulsory content:

1 Social influence,   2 Memory, 3 Attachment, 4 Psychopathology, 5 Approaches in Psychology, 6 Biopsychology, 7 Research methods, Issues and debates in psychology

Plus options in psychologyChild Cognitive Development, Schizophrenia and Forensic Psychology.

Assessment: All subjects are moving from modular to linear assessment, with exams at the end of a two-year A-level course.

A level, 3 exams are sat at the end of Year 2.  The A level paper consists of 3 2hr written exams. Each paper is worth 33.3% of the A level and worth 96 marks.

College Entry Requirements: Minimum of 5 good grades at GCSE, including English and maths at a strong pass
Subject Specific Requirements: A grade 5 or above in mathematics at GCSE
Career Links: Common careers are

•       Chartered psychologist this includes health sport, education

•       Paediatric social worker

•       Criminal justice rehabilitation and parole office

•       Psychiatrists, be warned, you do have to have a medical degree!!

•       Psychotherapist, dealing with families, trauma, couples, stress and addiction.

•       Counsellor

•       Teacher

•       Forensic psychologist but it is desirable to have physics alongside.

Less Common careers

•       Research for the government in terms of lifestyle, stress, health and industry working, conditions etc.

•       Business management,

•       advertising and marketing

•       Human resources HR