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Exam Board: AQA
About The Subject: Sociology is the study of society. It is concerned with analysing group and individual behaviour. A key debate in sociology is how far does our environment shape up? How is our identity formed? Essentially the nature/nurture argument. Why do we have such huge inequality in our society? Who holds the power in society?        How much influence does the media have over our thoughts and actions? Sociologists carry out research in order to establish whether their theories regarding issues in society are correct. For example, sociologists might use official statistics to find out trends and patterns in crime rates whereas some sociologists would prefer to ask criminals, face to face, the reasons why they commit crime. Sociology has a practical side too, if we know the causes of a social problem such as child poverty, sociological research can be undertaken so that the Government can develop social policy to help address gaps in provision.
Course Content:
Education-core themes-this is a compulsory module that looks at the question who succeeds/fails within the education process and the reasons why.

Methods in Context- this section of the course expects students to apply their sociological knowledge to educational research, such as why teachers label students negatively.

Research Methods- the study of the range of research methods sociologists use and the reasons they use them.

Crime and Deviance –who commits crime and why? Who are the victims of crime? Are we too ‘soft’ on criminals? What can we do to reduce crime?

Plus additional topics Family and Households and Beliefs in Society

Sociology A level is a two-year subject ending with three exam papers.

Minimum of grade 5/6 including English and maths.

Sociology is an essay based subject so good writing skills would be an advantage. No previous knowledge of sociology is necessary. Sociology is very much a ‘people’ subject that is suited to many careers which involve working with others. It can lead to career paths in nursing, teaching, social work, counselling, police, probation work and a number of related careers. Sociology also blends well with many A level subjects, including Psychology, History, English and Health and Social Care.

Assessment: Sociology can be studied as a stand-alone AS/A2 level or as an A level taken over two years. All units are examined, either at the end of AS/A2 year.
College Entry Requirements: Minimum of 5 good grades at GCSE, including English and maths at a strong pass
Subject Specific Requirements: A grade 5 or above in GCSE English
Career Links: Sociology can lead to career paths in nursing, teaching, social work, counselling, police, probation work and a number of related careers.