Chaplaincy Provision

Chaplaincy Crew

The chaplaincy crew is a really fun extra-curricular activity. Everyone has their own role; you could take part in the Masses by reading, singing in the choir or even do a bit of acting. We have a meeting every half term where we discuss how we can enhance and improve the spiritual life of the school. We have Mass every Thursday lunch time and everyone is invited. We also go to Masses organised by the Deanery, where we represent Painsley. Some of these Masses are; the Combined School Mass, the Good Shepherd Mass and the North Staffs Deanery Vocations Mass.

We think this is the most fun group to join in the whole school so if you want to come along and see for yourself please ask Fr. Kembell, Mrs Sowter or anyone from the Chaplaincy crew.


“He who sings prays twice” St Augustine

Every Thursday, 3.30-4.30pm in A9, the Glorify group meet to practice music of worship and praise. All students and staff are invited to come along to praise God through music. Glorify leads liturgical worship in Mass and other services. All instrumentalists (from trombonists to triangle-players, guitarists to air-guitarists) and singers of any age, ability and experience are welcome!


Chaplaincy Crew Year 8

Mackenzie Leese
Lyla Parnham
Claudia Dos Santos
Nieve Ball
Grace Brown
Maddie Horton
Megan Stevenson
Madison Hulton
Tia Inskip-Clarkson
Tom Hewins
Heather Bell
Isabel Brookes
Breanne Chell

Chaplaincy Crew Year 9

Amelia Bradley
Genevieve Carr
Eleanor Davis
Lucy Davis
Darcy-May Downes
Isobel Ellerton
Joanna Howard
Josh Lawrie
Mia Martin
Leticia McCready
Ben Weaver
Robyn Wyatt

Chaplaincy Crew Year 10

Dillan Ashton
Grace Chandler
Jay Dharmendra
Ewan Domachie
Evangeline Fenton
Eleanor Hill
Ellie Littlewood
Evie Martin
Ewan McFarlin
Brandon McMillan
Bettina Shepherd
Camille Steward
Iris Tabbener
Willow Turner
Ella Wildgoose
James Gibson

Chaplaincy Crew Year 11

Molly Ash
Jessica Brough
Olivia Flannigan
Oliver Hulme
Sky Hurst
Amber Leese
Cameron Lewis
Lewis Martin
Olivia Rolfe
Mae Sawyer
Thomas Turner
Catherine Waltho
Megan Waring
Rebecca Watmough