Year 9 France Trip

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The trip to France was full of surprises, excitement, and ice cream!

After a long journey on Monday, we stopped off at Honfleur for some food and to stretch our legs before returning to the coach for the final stretch of our drive to reach the hotel. The next stop was the beach where everyone seized the opportunity to have some fun after being stuck on a crowded coach for hours on end. After the beach, we went off to our rooms to get ready for a delicious dinner which included profiteroles for dessert (yum!). The evening was spent near the beach and everyone went to bed early because we were still tired from the travel to France (except for Barbara who slept all the way through the journey). A large amount of time in the evenings was spent on the beach; relaxing, playing football and, inevitably, burying each other in the sand.

On Tuesday, we went to Arromanches where we watched the 360 degree movie about D-Day and explored town again, having our lunch together by the beach and going to the French and American war memorials and Pointe du Hoc, which were incredible.

On Wednesday, we made bread by hand and learned some French at the same time and then went to see the Bayeux tapestry where we found out about the Battle of Hastings.

Thursday was the highlight for many on the trip because we went to the Caen Mémorial and Festyland, where everyone had loads of fun. Thursday was our favorite day because the memorial in Caen was really interesting and we learned a lot; Festyland was amazing too. The trip was an astounding experience and enjoyed thoroughly by all.

Merci Madame Smithson!

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