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Geography Department Aims

The geography department teaches a challenging and interactive Key Stage 3 -5 course.

Key Stage 3

This term we will focus on mapskills and urbanisation in Year 7 and Coasts and Population in Year 8 – all topics will involve lessons being delivered through an exciting mix of enquiry work as well as individual assignments.

Key Stage 4

In Year 9 we will be looking at Tectonic Hazards and Weather Hazards, including Climate change.

In Year 10 the focus is on Human Geography, as we discover why urban areas have grown so phenomenally quickly over the past century – and the issues and challenges this creates.

In Year 11 we are starting our preparation for Paper 3 of the CGSE next summer.

Key Stage 5

Y12 are starting their A level looking at Tectonic Hazards and Globalisation.

Y13 are continuing with the study of Water and Super Powers which we began during the lockdown period.


Due to the current restrictions we will not be able to deliver fieldwork experiences for the foreseeable future. We are, however, continuing to attempt to  deliver our curriculum via on-line resources and virtual case study examples.

It’s not the same, but hopefully we will continue to give students the idea that geography does not just start and finish when they enter the classroom each lesson! There has never been a more important time for students to realise that we are part of a global community and that our own individual actions in our respective neighbourhoods impact on others far beyond the parameters of our day to day experiences.

We all need to ‘think like geographers’ and we hope that students are becoming more globally aware as a result of the work that we do with them in our geography lessons in college.

Curriculum overview

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Y7 – 4 lessons per fortnight
Y8 – 3 lessons per fortnight
Y9 – 4 lessons per fortnight
Y10 – 4 lessons per fortnight
Y11 – 4 lessons per fortnight
Y12 – 10 lessons per fortnight
Y13 – 10 lessons per fortnight


Subject Staff

J Edwards Head of Department,
A J Allen,
V Allen work related learning, enterprise, careers and work experience co-ordinator
R Rowlands
L. Taylor
A Byatt
M Nicholson

Useful websites

National Geographic

U.S. Geographical Survey 



CIA world fact book

BBC- Geography


Reading list


  • Lonely Planet Magazine
  • National Geographic


  • Michael Palin
  • Lev Wood
  • Bear Grylls

Learning Journey

Geography Learning Journey

Curriculum Statement


Main School Open Evening

Please join us on Wednesday, 11th September at 6pm.

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