Lunchtime Extra Curricular Clubs

PE Extra Curricular Clubs

Week A and BLunch time – 12:1:00pm3:30-4.30



Year 9 Futsal in sports hall (Trainers) (AM/GM)

Fixtures TBC

Year 9,10 & 11 Practical Intervention-Volleyball/Badminton/Table tennis (GM/AM/LW)




Year 7 & 8 Basketball in the gym (Trainers) (SA/RM)

Fixtures TBC

Year 11 theory intervention (B3) (LW & AA)

All year’s girl’s hockey on MFL yard (AM/SA) – shin pads & gum shield.




All year’s girls’ cricket in sports hall (AA/SA)

Fixtures TBC

Year 8 & 9 Netball (LK/RM)

All year’s boys & girls Rugby (including intervention students) (AM)




Year 7 & 8 Dodgeball in the gym (SA/LK)

Fixtures TBC

Year 7 & 8 Boys & Girls Football training (AA/AM/GM/SA)

Year 10 & 11 Netball (LK/LW) (including intervention students)




Year 10 Futsal in sports hall (Trainers) (AM/AA)Year 7 Netball (LK)
  • Students should arrive at the changing rooms.
  • Students to bring their Painsley PE kit as well as water and any medication they may need.
  • For lunchtime clubs’ students need to go straight to the changing rooms and then get their lunch at 1pm.
  • For after school clubs’ students need to arrange to be picked up from school at 4.30.